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Poker Lesson 130: Implied Odds - Part 2

"In my last tip, I discussed the basic principles of implied odds. As you'll recall, your implied odds are the total amount you can win in a given pot, divided by the number of chips you're putting into the pot. Put another way, implied odds calculate future action and betting that may occur in a hand, while pot odds focus on the here and now of the..."

December 5th 2007

Poker Lesson 129: Implied Odds - Part 1

"Most people have a pretty good understanding of pot odds - whether the amount of chips in the pot justifies making a call - but they fail to realize that making this calculation only solves part of the poker equation. Often, these players forget to think about how the rest of the hand is going to..."

November 28th 2007

Poker Lesson 128: Taking Your Hands Off the Wheel

"There's no question that poker includes an element of gamble. Any time you risk something of value on an event with an uncertain outcome, you're gambling. But there is a way in which poker is the exact opposite of gambling, because poker... "

November 23rd, 2007

Poker Lesson 127: Knockout Punch

"Knockout Bounty tournaments - recently added to Full Tilt Poker - can add a fun and exciting new wrinkle to tournament poker. While it's important to go after the bounties at the right times, you have to keep an eye on your overall goal: winning. A lot of players will forget this and risk way too much as they try to go after bounties. You have to be wary..."

November 16th, 2007

Poker Lesson 126: Don't Read This Tip

"When it comes to advice about poker, my attitude is very simple: seek it out, absorb it, but while you're at the table, forget it... "

November 6th, 2007

Poker Lesson 125: Establishing a Tight Table Image

"Throughout a tournament, your table image will help determine how much action you'll get and, ultimately, how you can manipulate your opponents into making big calls or big laydowns at the wrong times. While establishing a loose, aggressive image early on can..."

November 1st, 2007

Poker Lesson 124: Getting Paid on a Monster

"One of the most profitable situations in poker is one in which you've flopped a monster and someone else is betting into you. It's an incredible feeling but, alas, one of the rarest occurrences..."

October 26th 2007

Poker Lesson 123: Being a Bully

"Many players understand the concepts involved in building a large chip stack during a tournament. What they don't understand, however, is how to use their chips effectively once they've gotten them. Once they've accumulated a lot of chips, many players want to control the action, but they haven't thought through how to take command of the table. When I am the big stack in a tournament, being the bully..."

October 18th 2007

Poker Lesson 122: Getting Started in Pot-Limit Omaha

"To the uninitiated, the only discernible difference between a game of Omaha and a game of Hold 'em is that players start each hand with four cards instead of two. But what a difference those two extra cards can make throughout the course of a hand. In Hold 'em, your two cards represent one of 169 possible hands. In Omaha, where you must use two of your four starting cards to make..."

October 5th 2007

Poker Lesson 121: Pre-flop Raising Strategies

"To limp or not to limp-that is the question. I'm not going to name any names here, but there are some big-game pros who will argue that it's okay to limp into a pot before the flop. They reason that the more flops they see... "

September 30, 2007

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