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U.S. Poker Rooms

Are you a U.S. Citizen? Not to worry, The Poker Father still has Online Poker Rooms for U.S. Players. Furthermore, all U.S. Players are still entitled to receive the Best Poker Bonuses as well. Here are the top poker rooms that are still accepting U.S. Players:

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Bovada Poker
Sportsbook Poker
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Legalize U.S. Poker Online

Why is this happening?
Due to U.S. Legislation changes, some Major Online Poker Sites were forced to stop accepting, and allowing, U.S. Citizens to play poker on their site. This recent legislation change has left a lot of U.S. Citizens with no where to Play Poker.

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If you have any questions about the recent changes to U.S. Poker Rooms please do not hesitate to Contact Us. is here to help you.

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