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Poker News: October 16th, 2010

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HEADLINE: Online Poker: Kadabra, Sherkadil, Doeks Sunday Winners

Action heated up on Sunday as several big names in online poker picked up some nice cashes, as field sizes in the majors were higher over recent weeks. The most notable winner Sunday was FTOPS jersey wearer Alex “Kadabra” Keating, taking down the Full Tilt Poker Sunday Brawl for over $111,000.

The BLUFF Online Player of the Year standings expect to tighten when the rankings are updated later this week as two players in the top five performed well on Sunday. Blair “SmokMyBandit” Tidmarsh had a pair of top-27 finishes, while Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen finished third in the Sunday 500 on PokerStars. Other players with multiple notable cashes on Sunday: Kevin “1$ickDisea$E” Eyester and Chris “Big Huni” Hunichen.

The big winner on the day was Sherkadil’s victory in the PokerStars Sunday Million for over $215,000 after a deal was made with three players remaining. Full Tilt Poker replaced their $750,000 Guarantee (with nearly $100,000 overlay last week )with a $1,000,000 Guarantee tournament, clearing the guarantee easily. The benefactor of this change was 0—BM—0, earning over $168,000 after another deal made three-handed. Doeks took down the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up for almost $144,000.

Here’s the rundown of Sunday’s final table results:

PokerStars Sunday Million
Prize Pool: $1,597,800
Entrants: 7,989

(reflects three-way deal)

1st: Sherkadil ($215,476.99)
2nd: par4mindy ($157,922.62)
3rd: ggman2 ($161,867.71)
4th $Airness22$ ($80,529.12)
5th: samurai_tony ($63,912.00)
6th: Tyler “puffinmypurp” Reiman ($47,934.00)
7th: BenBrunet ($31,956.00)
8th: Christian “C.K.” Kruel ($18,374.70)
9th: Bilybob88 ($12,382.95)

Notable finishes: Andrew “RunThisTable” Lichtenberger (16th), Anthony “DrunkPPlaya” Gargano (22nd)

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up
Prize Pool: $917,600
Entrants: 4,588

1st: Doeks ($143,955.23)
2nd: John806 ($106,900.40)
3rd: Slayer_pol ($75,702.00)
4th: sjaak2afhaak ($51,844.40)
5th: Peetoon ($38,998.00)
6th: AUpMySlev ($29,822.00)
7th: steve3331 ($20,646.00)
8th: suxess ($11,470.00)
9th: Bumbulbee_G ($7,340.80)

Notable finishes: Mohsin “sms921″ Charania (13th), James “” Mackey (22nd), Joseph “Joey Capp” Cappuccio, (28th), Jeff “Jeff710″ Hakim (44th)

PokerStars Sunday Second Chance
Prize Pool: $290,800
Entrants: 1,454

1st: James “jcamby33″ Campbell ($52,576.64)
2nd: Simon “pokerbrat13″ Charette ($38,094.80)
3rd: Larry “BBOY3310″ Sharp ($29,080.00)
4th: 4ibis ($21,810.00)
5th: Poker Stelly ($15,267.00)
6th: UhhMee ($12,359.00)
7th: Connor “blanconegro” Drinan ($9,451.00)
8th: JD9712 ($6,543.00)
9th: mlindholm ($4,071.20)

Notable finishes: Blair “SmokMyBandit” Tidmarsh (11th), Grayson “spacegravy” Physioc (24th)

PokerStars Sunday 500
Prize Pool: $525,500
Entrants: 1,051

(reflects deal made heads-up)

1st: Kyle “bluffdeez503″ Zartman ($75,000.00)
2nd: shampusik ($81,388.80)
3rd: Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen ($49,922.50)
4th: artohme ($36,574.80)
5th: Digable ($26,012.25)
6th: Alex “AJKHoosier1″ Kamberis ($20,757.25)
7th: John “$30K” Racener ($15,502.25)
8th: Mike “Pipedream17″ Dietrich ($10,247.25)
9th: andreasbar ($5,780.50)

Notable finishes: Toni Judet (19th), Billy “Patrolman35″ Kopp (22nd), Adam “Roothlus” Levy (23rd), Brock “t soprano” Parker (27th), Joshua “bbbbb33″ Weizer (32nd), Frank “RaineTech” Calo (33rd), Kevin “1$ickDisea$E” Eyester (36th),

Full Tilt Poker $1,000,000 Guarantee
Prize Pool: $1,138,800
Entrants: 1,898

(reflects three-way deal)

1st: 0—BM—0 ($168,306.29)
2nd: ArdillaRoja ($142,826.24)
3rd: skanky1980 ($114,778.67)
4th: Puparo ($68,328.00)
5th: ibebluffin247 ($52,384.80)
6th: getano100 ($37,580.40)
7th: Jas11 ($27,331.20)
8th: Josh ”Petie_BigStacks” Smith ($21,295.96)
9th: CrazyJoeLv ($16,398.72)

Notable finishes: Tom “titantom32″ Braband (19th), Blair “SCNoodle” Tidmarsh (27th), Faraz “The- Toilet 0″ Jaka (28th), Ryan Welch (38th), Michael Gracz (42nd), Jeremiah “Believer8219″ Vinsant (43rd)

Full Tilt Poker Sunday Brawl
Prize Pool: $547,800
Entrants: 2,739

1st: Alex “Kadabra” Keating ($111,203.40)
2nd: x OnLy NuTz x ($71,761.80)
3rd: x Njoy x ($53,136.60)
4th: VanUA ($39,989.40)
5th: puicachamp ($18,625.20)
6th: Money Donkey ($18,625.20)
7th: RipperC ($12,599.40)
8th: Oo MADDOX oO ($8,764.80)
9th: Rush and Crush ($6,573.60)

Notable finishes: Justin “truesyalose” Truesdell (11th), Chris “Big Huni” Hunichen (27th), Andrew “bankrollme87″ Touchette (33rd), Kevin “-1SickDisease-” Eyester (36th), Sadan “thesnail_03″ Turker (38th)

Full Tilt Poker Sunday Mulligan
Prize Pool: $272,400
Entrants: 1,362

1st: MISSPRODIGY ($59,928.00)
2nd: gardyone ($38,136.00)
3rd: rosieace ($27,580.50)
4th: four tet ($22,132.50)
5th: Alfred Aase ($16,698.12)
6th: Tenkamusou ($12,258)
7th: Chris “Big Huni” Hunichen ($7,899.60)
8th: TJ “DarkHorse19″ Ulmer ($5,720.40)
9th: mordi20 ($4,086.00)

Notable finishes: Ravi “govshark2″ Raghavan (12th), Franco “fbonacci” Bonacci (17th), Bradley “FatsoFat6969″ Craig (21st), Jeremy “thechemist83” Gaubert, (26th), Marco Liesy (43rd)

UB Poker $200K GTD
Prize Pool: $202,600
Entrants: 1,013

(Reflects chop of 1st and 2nd place money)

1st: IGOTCAUGHT ($36,143.84)
2nd: Jeremy “JBURL” Burleson ($36,143.84)
3rd: MYNINET0FIVE ($18,335.30)
4th: 1BIGDUMBDONK ($13,067.70)
5th: MARTYJENETTY ($11,041.70)
6th: SICKRIVER777 ($9,015.70)
7th: KLADD ($6,989.70)
8th: SUSTAINABLE ($4,963.70)
9th: Wade “SOGGYVAG” Woelfel ($3,444.20)

Notable finishes: Kevin “THE1SICKNESS” Eyester (16th), Jeremy “DUHDUHDAISY” Fitzpatrick (19th), Jean-Claude “JCMOUSSA” Moussa (36th), John “-BLACKFOURS-” May (43rd)

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