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Poker News: May 25th, 2009

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HEADLINE: “Sucking out on the Rivers” Charity Poker Tournament to be hosted by Annie Duke

Sucking out on the Rivers charity poker tournament will be sponsored by, the leading online poker site with all the funds going in support of the Refugees International. Ultimate is already host for some of the best poker players around such as Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke as it provides the best free online poker games on the poker network. Ultimate players can now download the free poker software, get tips from the poker pros to learn the sport or to enhance about playing strategy and play in free ring games and tournaments.

Annie Duke, who plays at UltimateBet will be the official host throughout the event together with Frank Marino. Marino is a popular Joan Rivers impersonator, and together with Annie Duke they will join forces for this charity poker tournament in Las Vegas.

Many of the top poker pros in Vegas are already planning to attend and participate in this charity tournament. Annie commented, “I think that after this poker tournament, the real Joan Rivers will quickly realize that poker players are good-natured people – professional people with respected occupations and families – who really want to change the lives of those less fortunate. As poker players, we’re all banding together, not just to prove a point to Joan, but to actually change the world.”

The charity poker tournament, besides being co-hosted by the Joan Rivers impersonator, will be home to a surprise as the real Joan Rivers will go head-to-head with Annie Duke as they did on the recent season of Celebrity Apprentice. Rivers, known for her crude and abrasive comedienne lines once told Annie and the media that she thinks all poker players are ‘white trash’. She also suggested that those who love poker are automatically linked to organized crime, as none of them had last names. As expected this critical and negative comment attracted the interest of everyone in the poker world as it is an industry packed with celebrities, qualified doctors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals.

Many of the world’s top poker players and numerous Hollywood celebrities will be participating in this charity poker event which goes to show how much positive knowledge is found in the poker industry. In fact, more than 20 Joan Rivers impersonators will also be playing through this event as each individual will have a bounty on their head.

The Sucking out on the Rivers Charity event, will also be sponsored by DeepStacks University, Hard Rock Poker Lounge, and the WSOP Academy. The event will commence on May 27th at 5pm with a Red Carpet ceremony and then at 6pm at the actual Hard Rock Casino Poker Lounge. Tournament information and registration details can be found through Hard Rock Poker Lounge at 702-69FLUSH or Lara Miller

Poker fans can participate in the tournament through a $200 sign-up and the No Limit Texas Hold’em will feature rebuys and add-ons in order to increase the prize pool. All the prize money will go to the winner with half of it being directed to the charity in question. This scheme is done since the state of Nevada’s gaming laws prohibit money being given directly from the prize pool to charity. So the winner can choose to volunteer and donate half of their winnings to the charity, as is custom with the previous charity events hosted by

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