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Poker News: December 3rd, 2009

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HEADLINE: and Absolute Poker Introduce Power Hour

Players looking for an opportunity to rack up player points on the CEREUS Network will be happy to hear that Absolute Poker and are now offering two Power Hour sessions daily in which players can earn twice the UltimatePoints. Each session is three hours long, offering players up to six hours per day to earn double points.

The new Power Hours launched on December 1st on both online poker rooms and will continue daily for the foreseeable future. Each day, there will be up to six hours of Power Hour play, running from 1:00am ET to 4:00am ET and again from 1:00pm ET to 4:00pm ET. The double points qualify on all ring games as well as poker tournaments with a couple of exceptions. Most notably, the afternoon sessions on Sunday do not award double points on poker tournaments, but ring game players will get an extra hour of time, as the afternoon Power Hour runs until 5:00pm ET. The other major exclusion applies to heads-up games, which are not eligible for this promotion at any time.

Players who want to ensure they are playing on Power Hour eligible tables need to pick out the tables in the site’s lobby that have a lightning bolt next to them. Players earn double points for all hands played on the table during the promotional time period, but if they continue to play on those tables after Power Hour closes, they will go back to earning the regular number of points.

UltimatePoints are doled out based on how many hands are played at a given limit of ring game on the sites. For example, for every two hands a player logs at a $0.50/$1 No Limit Hold’em ring game, they will earn one UltimatePoint, while players at the $10/$20 tables earn two points per hand. The points vary for Fixed Limit games as well. Players can also earn one UltimatePoint for every $0.30 paid in tournament fees at the multi-table tournament and sit and go tables. users can also earn points at the Blackjack and Blackjack tournament tables.

Thanks to the RAI$E Status Levels, players can earn up to five times as many points as normal. RAI$E is the loyalty program for and players earn different status levels based on how many points they earn each month. All users are considered members just for having an account, but they can move up the status ladder if they earn 50, 500, 2,500, or 5,000 points in a given month. Each step up the RAI$E ladder results in a player’s UltimatePoints being multiplied by as much as five times what they are worth. The top level of the RAI$E ladder is reserved for Icon members, who earn extra perks like concierge services, VIP gifts, games with sponsored pros, interest on their account balances, and the opportunity to trade in UltimatePoints for cash.

UltimatePoints can be used to purchase a host of items ranging from gear to electronics to sports equipment. Players of any and all status levels can redeem their UltimatePoints at the site’s online store. Absolute Poker offers a virtually identical loyalty program, FAME, in which players can earn up to five times as many AbsolutePoints depending on what status level a player is on the FAME scale. The same regulations and restrictions mentioned previously apply.

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