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Poker News: April 18, 2008

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HEADLINE: European Poker Tour Grand Final Updates

The money bubble bursts as players ride this roller coaster event to the final ten.

Surinder Sunar, who was in sixth place at the end of Day 1B, found himself in the unfortunate position of being the poker player that made poker news this week by bursting the money bubble at the European Poker Tour Grand Final. The end of Day 3 at the EPT found 39 poker players still hoping for the $3.2 million dollars purse.

Some early leaders found themselves going home early. Cyril Bensoussen, who had led Day 1B, found himself cashing out in 60th place, taking home $39,844. Day 2 was dominated by Johnny Lodden, whose aggressive play helped him build a chip count of 320,000. Day 3, found him holding on in 4th place. The top 10 chip leaders at the end of Day 3 were Antonio Esfandiari with 1,198,000 chips, Robin Keston with 916,000 chips, Denes Kalo with 642,000 chips, Johnny Lodden with 623,000 chips, Maxine Villemure with 600,000 chips, Mostafa Belkhayate with 523,000 chips, Gerasimos Deres with 494,500 chips, Henrik Gwinner with 487,000 chips, David Kruger with 486,500 chips, and Thomas Boekhoff with 465,000 chips.

Keston busted out in 12th place (taking home $159,691), Lodden busted out in 17th place (taking home $73,205), Belkhayate busted out in 24th place (taking home $73,205), Deres busted out in 32nd place (taking home $66,564), Kruger busted out right underneath him in 33rd (taking home almost $6,500 less than Deres), and Boekhoff busted out in 14th place (taking home $120,164).

However, the end of Day 4 would find many of Day 3’s leaders still standing. Esfandiari, who had built his Day 3 lead after doubling up against Gordon “holla@yoboy” Vayo, found himself in 6th place. Gwimmer was still holding on in 10th place with a little less than half a million in chips. Kalo was sitting in the middle of the top ten with almost a million chips. Villemure had dug his way up to 4th place on Day 4 with 1,220,000 in chips.

The Day 4 chip leader was Glenn Chorny with a million chips more than Isaac Baron, who was in second with 2,365,000 chips. Michael Martin came in 3rd with 1,570 chips.

One of the more interesting poker stories from this year’s championship was that for the first time ever, a father and son cashed in. Team Pokerstars poker player Luca Pagano is still in the top ten while his father Claudio cashed out in 22nd place (taking home $73,205).

Today is Day 5, the final day, and the early results are Glenn Chorny still holding 1st, Isaac Baron in 2nd and Luca Pagano holding on to 3rd. Villemure has fallen to 5th and Kalo is holding on to 6th place with the short stack. Esfandiari busted out in 8th, with a nice take home a nice payday of $265,625 and Gwinner busted out in 9th, taking home $199,219.

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