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Poker News: July 6, 2007

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HEADLINE: Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet Continue to Lead Poker Rooms in Winnings

Want to win big at online poker? Between Absolute Poker's bad beat jackpot and Ultimate Bet's newly designed website, winning is as easy as cake.

Online Poker Player Wins Over $104,000 as 4th Bad Beat Jackpot Hits at Absolute Poker

They say the sting of a bad beat fades over time. One Absolute Poker player, however, hopes the memory of his bad beat lives on forever.

On July 3rd at 02:45 ET, an online poker player who goes by the name of CHAAWUU, lost quad tens to a straight flush playing $2 No Limit Hold’em. Normally, a loss like that would leave even the most hardened player feeling crushed. But because he was seated at one of Absolute Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot tables, CHAAWUU’s loss set off the Bad Beat Jackpot bells for the 4th time and netted him $104,050.68 in cash.

“This latest win represents our biggest jackpot yet and we’re just getting started,” stated David Clainer, senior vice president for Absolute Poker. “We’re turning losing hands into cold hard cash and Texas Hold’em players are loving it.”

Since the 3rd jackpot was hit on June 26th, online poker players swarmed to Absolute Poker in droves in hopes of hitting a qualifying bad beat and becoming the 4th Bad Beat Jackpot winner. Countless played up to three Texas Hold’em tables at once, driving the jackpot up even faster.

To help the jackpot build, $0.50 is collected from qualifying hands at Bad Beat Jackpot tables. As a result of the game’s popularity, the latest jackpot grew by over $2,000 every hour. By early morning on July 3rd, the jackpot had reached $297,287.63.

Absolute Poker is the only online poker site open to American players to feature Bad Beat Jackpot tables. If a player loses a hand holding four 8s or anything better at a Bad Beat Jackpot table, they’ll win a piece of the Bad Beat Jackpot. A percentage of the jackpot is shared amongst the players where the bad beat occurred and a fraction of the jackpot is placed back into the pot for the next jackpot. In this case, the 5th jackpot starts out at $59,457.53.

Bad Beat Jackpot tables are noted with the word “jackpot” written in brackets after the table name and are categorized in red text. Complete details on Absolute Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot can be found at

UltimateBet Significantly Enhances Poker Experience Through Redesigned Website

UltimateBet today announced the launch of its revamped online poker website featuring a new design, an integrated blog and an intuitive interface.

“We’re turning the website into a place that poker fans will want to bookmark and visit multiple times per day,” stated UltimateBet spokesperson George MacLean. “With new features and content being added all the time, is becoming the ultimate destination for online poker enthusiasts.”

Chief among the new additions is an integrated blog that will be constantly updated with news and stories from the poker circuit. Currently, visitors to the site can get inside information on the World Series of Poker from a unique perspective that only UltimateBet can deliver.

According to MacLean, the online poker site plans to cover every major poker event where UB players and pros are in attendance. And since the site is famous for running satellites to major events like the 2007 Aruba Poker Classic and the WSOP, UltimateBet’s bloggers likely won’t be getting much sleep.

The site also features a more aesthetically pleasing design and a new intuitive menu system to help visitors find content faster than ever. What’s more, as part of UltimateBet’s commitment to welcome international players into their poker community, the website will soon feature 15 different languages.

While much of the website has changed, the signature events and promotions that make the online poker site so popular remain the same. UltimateBet continues to offer new players a 100% First Time Deposit Bonus up to $650. The site can be accessed 24/7 at

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