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Poker News: July 29, 2007

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HEADLINE: Choosing the Online Poker Room That is Right for You

Online poker can be a lot of fun, and for those with skill, can be very profitable. Hundreds of games are now available around the clock, and the first step to building your winnings is choosing the online poker room that is right for you.

Online poker rooms vary greatly and while most are reputable, there are some unscrupulous operators that offer unfair rakes or who may even steal your money and sell your financial details. You want to play, enjoy yourself and win real money, and the best way to choose a room that's best for you is to consider your needs, and do your homework.

When evaluating the poker rooms available, you should ask yourself, is it safe, is it fun, and can I win?

Is it safe?

The vast majority of poker rooms are well run professional outfits that offer you a fair chance to test your skills and take home some serious pots; unfortunately there are some unethical operators that at best don't offer you a reasonable chance to win, and at worst intend to steal your money and sell your financial details.

Additionally, some fly by night operators open for business without the necessary technology and security to ensure fair game play. The site should have encryption technology and should clearly advertise how they protect their servers from unauthorized access. No player collusion, hacking or manipulation should be possible at a reputable gaming house.

Thankfully, players burned by these rooms don't stay quiet, and browsing through the online poker forums will give you all the information you need about the reputation of a room. A few minutes of research will ease your mind ensure that you're playing with a reputable and honest online poker room. A reputable poker room will also display their member statistics, and a site with a lot of players indicates a reliable and safe place to play. Look for a room that has been operating for a while, that enjoys a good online reputation, and is popular; as these indicators point to a safe and secure place to enjoy your online poker gaming.

Is it fun?

You're playing to enjoy yourself, and if the poker room annoys or frustrates you're not going to have as much fun as you should.

Does the site offer the kind of play you enjoy? If you love 7 card stud make sure you pick a room that both offers the game, and as well has enough players for that game. If you enjoy tournament play, how often and what types of tournaments are offered? Additionally, are the games active when you want to play? Joining a room that's dead during your playing hours will obviously frustrate. Make sure that any prospective room matches your playing style and hours, and get the most out of your gaming.

The interface is often overlooked when evaluation a poker room, but the lights and noises that may enhance the experience for one, may irritate another. Choose a room that is pleasing to the eyes and ears, and that makes game play easy and logical. You never want to be battling the interface when you should be considering the pot odds. Many sites offer a free game trial period, and by playing a few hands in a prospective room, you'll quickly get a feel for the usability and interface of the room.

Can you win?

You're not playing for fun alone, and you want to leave each game a little richer than you were, and as such you need to choose a poker room that offers you the best possible chance to win.

You can't fight the rake and the house always takes a cut, but the rake should be fair and competitive. Make sure that the rake is comparable with other major poker rooms, and be on the lookout for hidden fees. How much do they charge you to withdraw money etc.?

You need to play with a betting limit that's perfect for you, and you shouldn't settle for close. Playing with a low limit is dull, and playing beyond the means of your bankroll is a sure recipe for failure. Make sure that the poker room offers the right game for your skill and comfort level.

When playing for money, anything that improves the odds needs to be taken into consideration, and bonuses and playing incentives work in your favor. When comparing sites that seem closely matched, choose the site that offers you more to play; $100 in chips is as good as $100 in your pocket, and with a little luck and a lot of skill you can watch that incentive money grow.

Playing online poker can be a great time, and as you improve your skills you may even start to make some serious money. Choose the room that's right for you, that's safe, fun and improves your odds of winning, and maximize your online gaming experience.

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