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Online Poker News Archives - February 6, 2006

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February 6, 2006

Poker Guru Roy Rounder Unveils Sit & Go Shark

Texas Holdem poker players who have long shied away from or struggled to win online Sit and Go tournaments can now get their own personal “poker coach” with a new free product from poker expert Roy Rounder called Sit & Go SharkTM.

Sit and Go Texas Holdem poker tournaments have quickly become the rage in the online poker world as players can play a full tournament and make big bucks sometimes in only a matter of minutes.

Any poker player who has played one of these Sit and Go tournaments has experienced that gut-wrenching feeling of drawing dead on the river knowing his opponent slow played the nuts and he took the bait – hook, line, and sinker.

Now there’s a way to keep that from ever happening again. Roy Rounder, popular author of his own e-mail newsletter and top selling e-books, designed Sit & Go SharkTM for those players who love to play online Texas Holdem poker and want help finishing in the money in Sit and Go tournaments.

Poker odds calculators, wildly helpful to players in the fast-paced online poker environment as they offer real-time advice based on the strength of the player’s hand, are quickly becoming the norm in online Texas Holdem poker, but Sit & Go SharkTM does more than just calculate your odds of winning.

Sit & Go SharkTM is a one-of-a-kind poker tool, and its advice is based on Roy Rounder’s own proven approach to online Texas Holdem poker. It uses a complex mathematical algorithm to help the player determine the proper play in every situation. Shark instantly compiles data based on current table circumstances – considering everything from the player’s cards to blinds to positioning to pot odds and much more on every single hand. Sit & Go SharkTM then digs deep into the massive database of Roy Rounder’s Texas Holdem poker rules to offer the best advice for the player. And all of this dynamic poker advice displays right beside the table and in real-time. So while Shark works, the player plays.

Sit & Go SharkTM is the only online poker aid created specifically for the ever-popular Sit & Go tournaments, and it’s the first one to tap into Roy Rounder’s own personal database of Texas Holdem poker strategies.

Last month’s beta test of Sit & Go SharkTM brought about encouraging results for Roy and his team. After using this new poker tool in a Sit and Go tournament last week, one player was quoted as saying, “It’s like having Roy next to me as a coach!” “Great!” says Roy, “That’s what we were shooting for.”

Sit & Go SharkTM launched earlier this month but only on a limited basis. Judging by the success of the beta test and the fact that players can get Shark for free at, expect the licenses to go fast. But Roy and his developers have promised that more licenses will be on the way soon.

The lucky ones will get in on the first release, but for those who don’t get Sit & Go SharkTM, take your antacid – that sickening “beat on the river” feeling in your stomach may be around for a while.

About Sit & Go SharkTM: Sit & Go SharkTM functions exclusively in Sit and Go tournaments, and collects data on seven different variables or what Roy Rounder calls “critical success factors.” They include: the players cards, positioning, table momentum, betting patterns, pot odds, number of players, and stack size and blinds. Shark uses complex algorithms to harness this data and dynamically pull the right advice for each hand from Roy Rounder’s collection of Texas Holdem poker strategies. This “personal coach” is an absolute must for anyone serious about online Texas Holdem Sit and Go poker tournaments, and best of all, online poker players can get it for free! Check out to find out how.

For more information, please contact Sit & Go SharkTM at

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