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Poker News: April 18, 2006

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Jack Amyx Wins World Poker Classic $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em in Las Vegas

The 2006 Bellagio Five-Star World Poker Classic continued Saturday with the final table for Event #10 ($5,000 No-Limit Hold'em). On Friday, 347 players sat down to play -- 70% more than played in an identical $5,000 event last Sunday. (You can probably take this as a sign that more players are gearing up for the $25,000 WPT World Championship that starts on Tuesday, April 18th.)

Because of the huge turnout, and the fact that each player started with a full 10,000 in chips, there were still 29 players remaining when play concluded for the night at about 3:00 am.

1. John Unger - 364,000
2. Don Zewin - 279,500
3. Nickolas Hanna - 258,500
4. T.J. Cloutier - 241,500
5. Frank Kassela - 232,500
6. Mel Wiener - 217,000
7. Pierce Shaad - 156,000
8. Jordan Morgan - 140,500
9. Allen Kessler - 132,500
10. Richard Chase - 115,000
T-11. Mark Muchnik - 110,500
T-11. Hoa Nguyen - 110,500
T-13. Barry Greenstein - 102,500
T-13. Bruce Yamron - 102,500
15. Jack Amyx - 94,500
16. Alexander Stevic - 89,000
17. Jenny Kang - 88,500
18. Jim McManus - 85,000
19. B. Mohammed - 76,500
20. Kelly Samson - 74,000
21. Wendell Barnes - 65,000
22. Max Pescatori - 62,500
23. Joseph Russo - 50,500
24. Lee Vaccaro - 46,000
25. Birgitta Johansson - 41,500
26. Tom Macey - 39,500
27. Eric Firestone - 37,500
28. Craig Crivello - 31,000
29. James Courtney - 25,500

Play resumed at 3:00 pm Saturday. With 29 playing down to 1, it would be a long day before another Bellagio bracelet would be awarded. If the short stacks weren't already facing enough pressure, they had to deal with the fact that only the top 27 players would reach the money -- two players would have returned today for nothing.

As it turned out, those two unfortunate players were Tom Macey (29th place) and Max Pescatori (28th place). Everyone else was guaranteed at least $9,945, and a shot at the first prize of $589,035.

It ultimately took about three hours just to reach ten players, when they redrew for seats at the final table. Here were the updated chip counts:

1. Nick Hanna - 510,000 (seat 7)
2. Don Zewin - 500,000 (seat 3)
3. Frank Kassela - 470,000 (seat 6)
4. Hoa Nguyen - 400,000 (seat 5)
5. Mark Muchnik - 370,000 (seat 10)
6. Mel Wiener - 350,000 (seat 9)
7. John Unger - 288,000 (seat 4)
8. Jenny Kang - 160,000 (seat 2)
9. Pierce Shaad - 158,000 (seat 1)
10. Jack Amyx - 115,000 (seat 8)

(A complete list of the money finishers in 11th-27th places can be found at the end of this report.)

Wiener and Kang saw a raised flop of Ad-Kh-8h. Wiener bet, Kang moved all in, and Wiener called with pocket aces (top set). Kang showed Jh-10h, giving her plenty of outs to a flush draw and a gut-shot straight draw. The turn was the 7c, the river was the 3s, and Jenny Kang was out in 10th place.

With the board showing As-8c-6h-2h on the turn, Nguyen moved all in with A-8 (top two pair). Shaad called with Qh-10h (flush draw). The river card was the Qd, giving Shaad a pair, but it wasn't enough. Pierce Shaad was out in 9th place.

Kassela moved all in from the button with Qs-8s, but he would need to improve against Unger's pocket jacks (Jh-Js). The flop came Jd-10c-2h, giving Unger top set, and leaving Kassela with a gut-shot straight draw. The turn was the 3c, and the river paired the board with the 2d, giving Unger a full house. Frank Kassela was out in 8th place.

The action was seven-handed for nearly two hours, until three players (Amyx, Zewin, and Unger) were all in preflop. Unger was the short stack with 9c-8h, while Zewin had Ah-Qc, and Amyx had pocket aces (Ac-As). The flop came Kh-6c-2c, and Unger and Zewin would both need something runner-runner to survive. The turn card paired the board with the 6h, and Amyx clinched the hand. (The last card was the 3h.) John Unger was out in 7th place, and Don Zewin was out in 6th place.

Hanna moved all in with A-J, but found himself dominated by Muchnik's A-K. The board came low, and the better hand held up. Nick Hanna was out in 5th place, and Muchnik won a monster pot that propelled him into the chip lead.

Wiener was short-stacked, so he moved all in with 10-6, called by Nguyen's A-Q. The board bricked out, and Nguyen won with ace high. Mel Wiener was out in 4th place.

With three players left, Nguyen raised to 200,000, Amyx moved all in, and Nguyen called with pocket deuces. But Amyx showed pocket aces, and Nguyen would need to improve to stay alive. The board came Q-J-9-6-4, and Hoa Nguyen was out in 3rd place.

The final two players were Amyx and Muchnik, although Amyx had a large chip lead. It only took a few hands before Muchnik found himself all in with Kd-9s against Amyx's dominating pocket kings (Kh-Ks). Muchnik would need a miracle. The board came 10-7-5-3-4, and Mark Muchnik was eliminated as the runner-up in 2nd place.

Jack Amyx won Event #10 ($5,000 No-Limit Hold'em), earning $589,035, a gold Bellagio bracelet, and a $25,500 seat in the WPT World Championship on April 18th.

Here were the official payouts for Event #10:

1st: Jack Amyx - $589,035 (+$25,500 seat in WPT World Championship)
2nd: Mark Muchnik - $348,065
3rd: Hoa Nguyen - $174,030
4th: Mel Wiener - $99,440
5th: Nick Hanna - $74,585
6th: Don Zewin - $58,010
7th: John Unger - $41,435
8th: Frank Kassela - $33,150
9th: Pierce Shaad - $26,520
10th: Jenny Kang - $19,890
11th: Bruce Yamron - $19,890
12th: Eric Firestone - $19,890
13th: Lee Vacarro - $16,575
14th: Jim McManus - $16.575
15th: T.J. Cloutier - $16,575
16th: Jordan Morgan - $13,260
17th: Allen Kessler - $13,260
18th: Rick Chase - $13,260
19th: Birgitta Johansson - $9,945
20th: B. Mohammad - $9,945
21st: Kelly Samson - $9,945
22nd: Barry Greenstein - $9,945
23rd: Alexander Stevic - $9,945
24th: Jim Courtney - $9,945
25th: Joe Russo - $9,945
26th: Wendell Barnes - $9,945
27th: Craig Crivello - $9,945

-- Report by Lisa Wheeler

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