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Online Poker News Archives - October 27, 2004

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin)

October 27, 2004 Wednesday
Final Edition

HEADLINE: TAKES FIVE PHIL HELLMUTH JR. Poker brat remembers hands from the '80s

BYLINE: MEG JONES, Staff, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

   There are good poker players who quietly win all of their opponents' money, and then there are good poker players who do it loudly and brashly. Phil Hellmuth Jr. would be in the latter category. The Madison native and youngest winner of the prestigious World Series of Poker No Limit Texas Hold 'Em tournament has made a nice living for himself at the poker table, and now that poker is hugely popular, Hellmuth is hot. His first book, "Play Poker Like the Pros," has been on The New York Times bestseller list, he endorses an online poker site, Hollywood producers are considering making a movie on his life, and now he's just finished another book, "Bad Beats and Lucky Draws." He will visit Harry W. Schwartz Bookshop, 2559 N. Downer Ave., at 8 p.m. Nov. 5 and will also stop at University Bookstore, 711 State St., Madison, at 6 p.m. Nov. 4 to promote his new book. Hellmuth talked about poker Tuesday with Journal Sentinel reporter Meg Jones.

   Q. Your new book, "Bad Beats and Lucky Draws," replays some of the best, worst and highest paying poker hands -- is there one hand that stands out in your mind as one of the best you've ever played?

   A. I don't know if it made the book, but there was one hand that I threw away against Howard Lederer -- a hand I'm not just supposed to fold. I was pretty happy. The hand came king (of diamonds), 8 (of diamonds), 3 (of spades) on the flop. I had the king, 8 of hearts and I folded my hand on the flop because Howard started talking. When he started talking, I started chatting. I kind of let him know I had the top two pair, and then after I hinted around that I had that, he kept talking, and it became obvious he wanted me to call. It took five minutes, and I threw the hand away, and I think it's one of the best folds I ever made in my life. He had three 3s.

   Q. Any idea how many hands of poker you've played in your lifetime? How do you remember exactly which cards came up on so many hands?

   A. No idea. It's weird. I'll say this to you -- I sometimes can't remember someone's name when I met them two minutes before, and yet I vividly remember details of hands in the '80s.

   Q. What kind of reaction did you get from people when you decided to become a poker player? What kind of reaction do you get now?

   A. No one really knew I had become a full-time poker player except for my parents. You can imagine the reaction I got from them. If I said I was a full-time poker player 15 years ago, people would look at me with interest but a little prejudice, and now they look at me with interest and admiration. It's kind of weird. It's not easy to be a professional poker player. It's a great lifestyle, but it's not easy to pull off. You're going to have ups and downs, and you're going to have to deal with them.

   Q. You've been called the John McEnroe of poker, but are you really a poker brat, or is that just part of your image?

   A. I am a poker brat but never away from the tables, and 95% of the time at the tables I'm fine. But I really am a major poker brat 5% of the time at the tables. I would blame it on passion. I would blame it on wanting to win. I would blame it on bonehead plays that amateurs make.

   Q. I'm sure you get this question a lot, but why is poker suddenly so popular?

   A. I think that it's a game that anyone can play. It's a game that anyone can become great at, and I think it's just very dramatic television. The one thing the hole card cameras did is they made it clear that Texas Hold 'Em is an easy game to play -- four rounds of betting, five cards on the board and two cards in your hand. Simple. Although it takes five minutes to learn, it does take a lifetime to master.

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