Important FreeRoll Sign Up Information


In order for you to be eligible for our FreeRoll Poker Tournaments, you must sign up through website by following 2 simple steps other-wise you will not be able to play in the FreeRoll Tournaments.

How Do I Do This?
After you have decided on which Poker Site / FreeRoll you would like to play on, simply follow these 2 steps in one process:
1 Click on your desired Poker Site Ad Banner or Text Link which will then take you to their Poker Site's Home Page.
2 Download their Software / Sign Up and create a Poker Account with them.
Contact Us if you have any Questions

How Does This Work?
Simple! When you click on an Ad Banner or a Text Link which takes you to your desired Poker Site / FreeRoll, you are tracked from our link you clicked on. This then tells the Poker Site that sent you so they know to give you the Fantastic Promotion / FreeRoll!
Note: Some FreeRolls may have entry requirements. Please see our FreeRoll Poker Tournaments Main Page for details Hint: its the page you were just on!

How Many Sites / FreeRolls Can I Sign Up On?
As many as you like! Try them all out and see for yourself which one is best for you. Just remember to follow the 2 simple steps.